Contracts HD Approved!

Almost before I could finish the previous post, Apple approved Contracts HD. It’s now live in the Apple store for all your contract creation needs.

Click to see Contracts HD in the App Store

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Contracts App HD is in Review!

We promised to release an iPad version of Contracts App to you in early January and we’re right on track…maybe even a bit ahead of schedule. The HD version of Contracts just went into the app review queue today. Contracts is definitely an application that was meant to be on the iPad. The larger screen size makes filling out contracts and signing a much better user experience.

We’re also updating the iPhone app so that any contracts you create on your phone, or iPad, will be synced between the two devices. Pretty sweet stuff and more to come…

Here’s a little preview:

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Why Can’t We Edit Contracts?

“We want to be able to create completely new contract types on the app! Why can’t we do this?”

We’ve gotten asked this question a lot and we know this would be a hugely popular feature among users, but there is a huge problem on the iPhone: screen size.

The size of the screen just isn’t conducive to making and large scale text edits. We’ve played with this feature and it ultimately ends up becoming frustrating, which isn’t what we want people to associate mobile contract creation with.

If you’ve noticed, we are already syncing your contracts with a web service we’ve created to keep your documents safe. We feel that building out the web service to allow for complete contract creation makes the most sense. The mobile apps then allows you to bring the contracts with you for portable editing of certain fields, adding details, and getting signatures. This way you’ll never have to worry about printing them out or carrying paper contracts again.

Don’t worry…it’s all coming soon :)

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Update Now Live in the App Store

Our first update is now live in the App Store. It addresses a minor problem that some people were having with the keyboard now hiding properly in certain scenarios. If this was bothering you, it’s fixed now. :)

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Contracts App Featured on Business Net

We are happy to say that CBS’s Business Net just picked wrote an article about our handy contracts app.

Whatever device you use, this could be one of the most useful apps you ever install.

Thanks Business Net!

Contracts App on Business Net.

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Update Pushed to Apple

We got a few reports of a people having an issue with the keyboard not properly hiding while filling out the “My Profile” section. We fixed this issue and sent the update to Apple yesterday. It should be live in the next day or so. Thanks for letting us know and sorry for the problems it may have caused. -Willie

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Contracts App is Approved!

Late last night I got a text message, “Approved.” After a few days of holding our breath, Apple has approved Contracts App for sale in the iTunes App Store. This is the first Re-Evolve app that is live in the store so we are pretty excited.

We’d love to have any and all customer feedback so that we can add features / contracts and tweak Contracts App to make it the best on-the-fly contract creation tool available.

Contracts App in the iTunes App Store.

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Is It Legally Binding?

We’ve gotten asked this over and over and the simple answer is yes!

We had a lawyer draft all of the contracts and all are legally binding. Signing with your finger is the same as signing with a pen only it’s a lot more fun and it saves a lot of trees in the long run. Not to mention it’s much easier than the printing, signing, scanning process that most of us go through just for basic contracts…or the hassle for a photographer to carry around a bunch of model releases. Yuck.

Stick with us and give contracts the finger.

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iPad Development Started

Not ones to disappoint, we are going to be making this into a universal app. That’s right, pay once and get the iPad and the iPhone versions. We’ve been working on the iPad version for a couple of weeks now and are ensuring that it is as simple and intuitive to use as the iPhone version. We’ll keep you posted on progress :)

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Contracts Beta Over

The initial release of Contracts is just around the corner with the latest beta going gold master. Look for the app that makes paper contracts obsolete in the iTunes App Store soon.

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